Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Top 5 Tips To Save Money On Dates

Although the purpose of dating may be different on your personal goals are never a bad idea to see how much money is spent. Even if money is no problem for the person you see, there are ways to protect what is yours, not as cheap or unhappy. You can save money on date without having a good time.


1) Limit alcohol consumption to a minimum. Although it is tempting to drink to solve in a day, it is very easy to waste on expensive drinks. After becoming a place where water can help alert and awake, no matter how late it is.

2) Make an appointment for lunch instead of dinner. Most restaurants have special offers generous lunch for you to save a considerable amount of money used only for dinner in the day.

3) Rent a movie or watch one already has, rather than a cinema. Not only watching a movie at home more convenient and affordable to do in a theater, but it is rather the time together, without disturbing others.

4) Do not be ashamed of  going Dutch  on dates. It takes the pressure of wondering who they pay to both. This will also help to avoid dangerous situations in which a person is not financially able to pay the bill in full for two.

5) Planning systems, in which the goal is to lead a healthy life. A walk, a walk in a park or a bike ride inexpensive ways to spend time with your date and keep fit.

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