Monday, 29 August 2011

A Fanciful Frolic at The Secret Garden Party

 Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Fred Fellowes at Burning Man. He is part of the London crew at one of my very favorite camps during the Black Rock desert based event (they’re located in the 3:00 plaza). So, knowing what a seriously great time we’ve had on the playa, when I found out that he started the incredible Secret Garden party in the UK I was pumped.
I haven’t been to the event yet, but I’m told the July event has a very similar spirit to that at Burning Man and like it’s American cousin you won’t find any sponsors logos displayed anywhere which tends to make the event far more creative and improvisational.
If this looks like your kind of thing, Fellows also just had a party in Southampton, N.Y.: you can find a writeup in Rolling Stone about it.

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